TxVSN provides courses to supplement the instructional programs of public school districts and open enrollment charter schools. Through regular review of student needs, schools may determine that TxVSN courses provide useful instructional options. A student then requests courses and the district-designated TxVSN Site Coordinator reviews and approves course selection. This system of checks and balances allows the public school district or open enrollment charter school to have an active role in the acquisition the TxVSN courses.
    The Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) will provide additional opportunities and options for Texas students through online courses. TxVSN was authorized by the Texas Legislature in 2007 to provide online courses to students in Texas.
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    For additional information, please contact the Denton High School TxVSN Site Coordinator:
    Doretha Hudspeth, Ph.D.
    Lead Counselor/TxVSN Site Coordinator
    Denton High School
    Phone Number 940-369-2017
    Fax Number 940-369-4954