• Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

    Denton ISD has the ability to push both free apps and apps purchased through the VPP program (see below) through the MDM server. Once a device has been enrolled onto the MDM, it will have the LANrev Apps app installed.

    Denton ISD is a member of the Volume Purchase Program, or VPP. Each campus has a VPP account. Each account has an AppleID and a password tied to it. It is NOT the generic campus AppleID and password. VPP account usernames and passwords will be sent to the campus VPP designee and should NOT be shared with anyone. The following is a flow chart outlining how to go about purchasing credit and redeeming credit for apps.

    **minimum VPP purchase of $100 is required

    1. Once principal approves the request, campus requests a PO for an amount (minimum $100) they need to purchase the app(s).
    2. PO is generated from the Purchasing department.
    3. PO is sent to the District VPP manager (Holly Martin at this time).
    4. District VPP Manager logs in to the VPP program website and purchases the “credit” for the campus, with the PO.
    5. A code is generated for the purchase.
    6. District VPP Manager sends the campus VPP facilitator the code generated by the purchase, along with instructions on how to apply the appropriate credit to the account.
    7. Campus VPP facilitator logs in to the VPP website and applies the credit.
    8. The campus VPP facilitator will then purchase the app(s) as needed.
    9. Campus VPP facilitator notifies Systems Management Specialist (Garrett Chandler and Cody Belcher at this time) that a purchase has been made, in the form of a HEAT ticket. 3 days notice, prior to actually needing the app, is required.
    10. The Systems Management Specialist sends the app to the devices requested through the MDM server.