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Donated CPR kits teach students valuable skills

Crownover students practice CPR  
The Texas State Legislature’s recent passage of a new state law requiring cardio pulmonary resuscitation – better known as CPR – training in all Texas schools proved to be a boon for a select few Crownover Middle School students during the year’s first semester.

About 30 sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders worked with a CPR trainer from the American Heart Association as well as school nurse Charl Munsey to learn the core skills necessary to deliver proper CPR. The training, which students were selected for, taught students how to properly administer CPR until medical professionals are able to respond to a crisis situation.

“I thought the training was fun, and I think it’ll be useful,” said sixth-grader Delaney Broussard. “It’s something we can use the rest of our lives.”

Students were able to take part in the training thanks to Denton ISD being one of four school districts in the area participating in the American Heart Association’s CPR in Schools Program. The association partnered with AT&T to donate more than $30,000 worth of CPR training kits to each participating school district.

“I thought the training was fun, and I think it’ll be useful. It’s something we can use the rest of our lives.”

Crownover and Denton High School were the recipients of the CPR kits and training materials, allowing school nurses at the two campuses to hold quick and easy training sessions for students on their own. The kits – which include an inflatable manikin, knell mat and instructional video – are portable and simple enough to use that students of various ages and sizes were able to successfully complete the training.

Participating students learned how to check for vital signs before administering CPR as well as where to push down on a victim’s chest to kick-start his or her breathing. They also worked in pairs with one student performing CPR while the other monitored progress and kept an eye out for arriving medical personnel.

“My hand hurt a lot afterward, but I think it’ll help someone’s life one day,” said Kathryn Moore, a sixth-grade student. “I feel like I learned that I can do [CPR] properly now and will be able to do it later if someone needs it.”
Crownover students learn CPR during a demonstration

Gina Kinnard, health services coordinator for the district, said she’s grateful for the donation of the CPR kits and training for students.

“The CPR kits will be used to teach middle and high school students to perform a crucial, life-saving skill, increasing the number of people in our community and schools who are knowledgeable and can respond in an emergency,” Mrs. Kinnard said.

State Representative Myra Crownover, who attended the training session, also sees the benefit of Denton ISD taking part in the CPR in Schools Program. She addressed the students during the event, stressing the importance of knowing CPR, living healthy lives and making wise choices like avoiding tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

“I commend AT&T for supporting the CPR in Schools Program and the American Heart Association for launching such an important program,” Rep. Crownover said. “This program will give students the necessary tools needed to perform CPR in a critical, life-saving situation.”