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Many schools limiting visitor access during STAAR testing

Many Denton ISD schools will limit visitor access during STAAR testing for the week of March 28, with some schools closing access to visitors – including parents and guardians – for the benefit of test-taking students.

In order to ensure a distraction-free testing environment, some schools may not allow any visitors for the duration of testing. STAAR testing will take place at elementary, middle and high schools on Tuesday, March 29, and at elementary and middle schools on Wednesday, March 30. On Thursday, March 31, only high schools will take STAAR tests, while Friday, April 1, will serve as a make-up day for students of all grade levels who missed scheduled STAAR testing dates earlier in the week.

Schools will not undergo campus-wide STAAR testing again until May.

To find out if a campus is closed to visitors during STAAR testing, please call the school’s front desk directly. Phone numbers for all campuses can be found at the bottom of their respective websites; a listing of school websites can be seen at the top of the Denton ISD website.
STAAR Testing Schedule (Week of March 28)
Date Test(s)
Tuesday, March 29
Grade 4 Writing
Grade 5 Math 
Grade 7 Writing
Grade 8 Math
English I
Wednesday, March 30
Grade 5 Reading
Grade 8 Reading
Thursday, March 31 English II
Friday, April 1 Make-Up Exams