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Crownover advances 5 teams to semifinals in recent boat-creating contest

Five of seven Crownover Middle School teams competing in a cardboard boat-creating contest advanced to the semifinals of the competition, placing them near the top of a field of nearly 200 entries.

In the River Legacy Cardboard Boat Regatta contest, held at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, contestants were tasked with designing, building and navigating boats made entirely of corrugated cardboard. Boats were competing against one another as well as waves created by the facility.

The 27th annual River Legacy Cardboard Boat Regatta boasted 193 entries made by contestants ranging from elementary-aged children to adults. Teams were separated by boat size – ranging from a single-person boat to a 10-person boat – as well as general entry and school divisions.

Crownover’s teams were led by the instruction of teachers Amy Anderson, Michelle Duck, B.J. Garcia, Corey Kidder, Dawn Little, Marina Simmons and Robin Zaruba. A full list of students involved can be seen below.
To see photos from the competition, click here
Team Anderson (Amy Anderson)
Harrison Hale
Arturo Hernandez
Gavin Miller
Braden Walker
William Walker
Dabbing Ducks (Michelle Duck)
Alex Burgos
Sarandon Caples
Isiah Hernandez
Samantha Vasquez
Crownover Cruisder (B.J. Garcia)
Charles Cunningham
Justin Phillips
Zion Settles
SS Creekside (B.J. Garcia, Robin Zaruba)
Tra Beck
Tyson Johnson
Justin Phillips
Keelan Rhoden
Brady Rivera
Jesse Soules
Team Fast (Corey Kidder)
Tyler Ventrca
Jake Wiley
Matthew Wiley
Magic School Boat (Dawn Little)
Macen Bird
Emme Erwin
Rachel Hughes
Tommi Lehti
Tabitha Sidandi
C2C Savages (Marina Simmons)
Jack Alagood
Alyssa Maldonado
Jack Newman
Bailey Samide
Cole Vannorsdel