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Evers Park’s Carrie Martin named Barnes & Noble National Teacher of the Year

Evers Park Elementary teacher Carrie Martin
Barnes & Noble has named Evers Park Elementary School second-grade teacher Carrie Martin as its national Teacher of the Year thanks to the submission of Ryan High School senior Ti Anna Bridges-Reed, her former student.
Mrs. Martin beat more than 10,000 entries submitted by students nationwide in Barnes & Noble’s “My Favorite Teacher Contest” to win the honor. Students were encouraged to nominate their favorite teachers by submitting essays, poems or thank you letters sharing how their favorite educators influenced their lives. The contest lasted the first three months of 2016, with submissions accepted at Barnes & Noble stores.

In her essay, Ti Anna wrote that Mrs. Martin gave her the encouragement she needed to succeed both in academics and as a person.

“Mrs. Martin was the first teacher I can ever remember who put faith in me; I didn't even have faith in myself,” she wrote. “She let me know I could do anything if I believed. As a dyslexic child, I never had that special someone. Dyslexia is a reading and writing disorder that affects the way a child learns to read and write; it can affect other subjects as well. I struggled in all subjects – writing and math also.”

Ti Anna wrote that, with the exception of her mother, Mrs. Martin was the individual who most influenced her to become the person she is today. Additionally, Mrs. Martin’s work made Ti Anna want to become a teacher. She has since gone on to intern at Evers Park Elementary – with Mrs. Martin as her mentor.

“Every day in the classroom is a validation of what I do as a teacher, but it’s so rewarding and fulfilling to know that Ti Anna thought so much of me to submit this essay,” Mrs. Martin said. “The work we do as teachers is so important, and I feel like there’s a lot of people who could have won this, so being the teacher selected is very humbling. I’m so thankful to have had Ti Anna as both a student and high school helper.”

As a result of her honor, Mrs. Martin will receive $5,000 and be recognized at Evers Park Elementary on May 6. Evers Park Elementary will also receive $5,000.
For more information about the Barnes & Noble My Favorite Teacher Contest and its rules, visit its official website by clicking here.