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Denton ISD named a Common Sense Certified District for Digital Citizenship

Common Sense Education recently named the Denton Independent School District as a Common Sense Certified District: Digital Citizenship. Denton ISD was one of only 35 school districts in the nation, and the only one in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, to achieve this recognition.

The district earned this status by having 84 percent of its schools meet the Common Sense Certified School criteria for the 2015-16 school year. School districts are only required to have 50 percent of their campuses meet this requirement.

To be classified as a Common Sense Certified School, each campus had to teach digital safety lessons to students on two different grade levels. The lessons covered cyberbullying, cybersecurity (identity and internet safety) and other online topics including: information literacy, creative credit and copyright infringement, relationships and online communication.

Librarians at each of our three comprehensive high schools, seven middle schools and 22 elementary schools taught these courses and plan on adding a grade level each year until every grade level on their campus is met. There will be an additional focus on digital safety and privacy at the grade levels and classrooms that received Chromebooks this year.

Braswell High School and Bell Elementary, the districts two newest schools, will join the Gonzalez and Windle Schools for Young Children in taking part in the program.

Donna Kearley is the coordinator of library services for Denton ISD. The librarians/media specialists at the certified schools include:

Adkins – Melisa O’Rear
Blanton – Kim Krutka
Borman – Elaine Downey
Cross Oaks – Sarah Bynane
Evers Park – Michelle Lynn
Ginnings – Amy Fuller
Hawk – Kristin Thornton
Hodge – Kevin Brown
Houston – Michelle McClanahan
Lee – Kellie Vaughn
McNair – Michelle Heidrich
Nelson – Kelly Korenek
Paloma Creek – Amanda Qualls
Pecan Creek – Charlotte Place
Providence – Stephanie Wiggins
E.P. Rayzor – Melissa Leonard
Newton Rayzor – Kelly Born
Rivera – Susan Garvin
W.S. Ryan – Breanna Peden
Savannah – Lara Isbell
Stephens – Eydie Schneider
Wilson – Carol Richmond  

Calhoun – Sandy Noles
Crownover – Bonnie McCormick
Harpool – Sherry Brandt
McMath – Anna Modrow
Myers – Ivey Carey
Navo – Jade McClure
Strickland – Rhonda Thomas

High Schools
Denton – Aaron Graves and Amy Romero
Guyer – Margarete Neale and Kristin Davis
Ryan – Colleen Graves and Jaci Smalley