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District announces winning teachers in 2016 Hawkeye Literacy Program

Elementary and early education teachers were recently recognized by Denton ISD’s elementary curriculum department through the district’s annual Hawkeye Literacy Teacher of the Year program.

The program, an educational plan established by the late Mildred McCauley Hawk, has existed for 18 years on the basis of encouraging students to read. Mrs. Hawk believed in the program enough to donate $50,000 to the Denton Public School Foundation before her death to ensure future district students would be encouraged to read.
Denton ISD recognized a total of 24 Hawkeye Literacy Teachers for their work in helping students to read more before selecting Melissa McDonald as the 2016 Hawkeye Literacy Teacher of the Year. Ms. McDonald, a kindergarten teacher at Blanton Elementary, was awarded a $500 grant for materials to continue literacy education in her classroom.
This year’s school winners included:

Adkins – Ki Quinn

Blanton – Melissa McDonald

Bell – Jennifer Bennett

Borman – Sarah Renteria

Cross Oaks – Mark Jobe

Evers Park – Whitney Warren

Ginnings – Tanya Peterson

Hawk – Hope Creech

Hodge – Maria Hernandez

Lee – Meghan Taylor

McNair – Annamarie Edwards

Nelson – Karen Humphreys Helm

Paloma Creek – Genelle Anderson

Pecan Creek – Veronica Montes

Providence – Deanne Haas

E.P. Rayzor – Jill Mitchell

Newton Rayzor – Misty De La Sierra

Rivera – Gustavo Rodriquez

W.S. Ryan – Elsa Holm

Savannah – Amber Sharp

Stephens – Lauren Atkinson

Wilson – Karen McPherson

Gonzalez SYC – Sara Jones

Windle SYC – Olga Orozco