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Fifth Grade Honor Choir to perform March 25

The Denton Independent School District Fift5h Grade Honor Choir will perform at 3 p.m. Saturday, March 25 in the Denton High School Auditorium. The choir will be conducted by Mrs. Kelly Flores, music educator from Hudson Middle School in Garland ISD. They will be accompanied by Ms. Katieri Lavacek, a local artist who has a private voice and piano studio.

The Choir is an auditioned, select group of fifth graders from each of the 23 campuses. They practice outside of class with material provided by their campus music teacher. They participate in two rehearsals and one full day clinic.


Bell Elementary - Sandra Cubero, Music Specialist

Briana Burse                                   

Isabella Porcher                                          

Taylor Pugh 


Blanton Elementary - Nicolas Miranda, Music Specialist

Courtney Cole                                             

Aiden Ellis                                        

Renee Bourda

Isabella Fernandes


Borman Elementary - Kiaran Beck, Music Specialist

Melanie Garcia                                                                                                        

Hailey Garcia


Evers Park Elementary - Emily Wiley, Music Specialist

Aidan Daly                                                                                                   

Maddie McAlister                                                                                                               


Ginnings Elementary - Michael Leonas, Music Specialist

Saila Becker                                     

London Daniels                                          

Meaghan Mollen                                         


Hawk Elementary - Jamie Rives, Music Specialist

Paige Christian                                

Katelyn Cobb                                    

Mikaela Medellin                

Ha-young Kim


Hodge Elementary - Brandon Miller, Music Specialist       

Parker Betty                                    

Audrey Magee                                             

Hannah Muñoz


Sam Houston Elementary - Christine Beutner, Music Specialist

Libby Amason                                             

Nakeya Barr                                     

Joanna Du                



LA Nelson Elementary - Jennifer Young, Music Specialist

Faith Austin                                    

Magie Mangawe                                          

Anastasia Reed                                

Arabela Costulis                                          

Taya Martinez                                             

Sage Regan   

Isabelle Fosmire                                                                                                     

Cole Tisdale


Lee Elementary - Angela Steward, Music Specialist

Kaitlyn Benavides                                       

Madeline Callahan                                     

Amya Manry


McNair Elementary - Megan Johnson, Music Specialist

Caroline Cleveland                         

Lauren Hurd                                    

Eliaziel Reynoso

Willie Goodacre                                          

Madison Kelly                                             

Dakota Scott

Hannah Gibbons                                        

Collin Peterson                                           

Carolyn Young

Jostyn Reiff                                      


Paloma Creek Elementary - Melanie Stewart, Music Specialist

Joylyn Brooks                                             

Alyssa Lindlau                                             

Shayla Scott

Parker Bryant                                              

Davin Mecham                                            

Asia St. Louis                                                                                                                       


Pecan Creek Elementary - Victor Lozada, Music Specialist

Carter Clark                                     

Michael Dixon                                             

Amelia Massey

Brendan Croft                                             

Sofia Hernandez                                         

Jose Rodolfo Rodriguez                                         



Providence Elementary - Ginger Herrmann, Music Specialist                                                    

Katie Burk                

Yves Cox                                           

Amber Ridgley                    

Ryann Hall                                                                                                   


E. P. Rayzor Elementary - Margette Reid, Music Specialist

Ellie Campbell                                 

Sophia Liewehr                                           

Harlie Rafter            


Newton Rayzor Elementary - Cheree Barnette, Music Specialist

Abigail Cochran                                          

Chenille Gober                                            

Hogan Manning

Grace Collier                                    

Emma Hardy                                   

Ethan Swindle                                 

Bobbi Eckels                                                                                                

Crain Taylor                                                             


Rivera Elementary - Tameshia Magwood, Music Specialist           

Karen Aleman         

Baige Brinkman                                          

Aaliyah Taylor                                                                                             

Cali Rhoades                                                                                                


W.S. Ryan Elementary - Jennifer Archuleta, Music Specialist

Alexander Evangelopoulos                                                                                   

Hannah Leija           


Savannah Elementary - Megan Montgomery, Music Specialist

Aubrey Clark

CJ Ihejiawu              

Paige Myers

Yianni Kimani


Stephens Elementary - Laura Kinnaird, Music Specialist 

Stella Richey                                    

Shelby Schultz                                             

Allison Wehby


Woodrow Wilson Elementary - David Rowland, Music Specialist

Kate Ellis                                                                                                      

Kimberly Zendejas