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Students recognized at 2017 Texas Native Plant Art Exhibit

Artwork from 13 Denton ISD elementary schools were recognized on Wednesday, April 26, as part of the Texas Native Plant Art Exhibition. The exhibition was held at the district’s Professional Development Center, 1212 Bolivar St. in Denton.


The Texas Native Plant Art Exhibit is a project that teaches students the importance and benefits of native plants as well as their place in local heritage. It started in 2009 as a way to inform students about native and drought-resistant plants by the Native Plant Society at a single school and has grown to include Texas Master Naturalist and Texas Woman’s University’s College of Arts as partners working at 14 schools in Denton County.


The appreciation reception is to honor students for their participation in the native plant curriculum and submission of artwork. Certificates of accomplishment will also be awarded to each student who participated in the project, with the event showcasing their artwork for families, who can take photos and enjoy refreshments.


Students earning Best of Show recognition include (student • teacher):


Blanton ElementaryAndrew Phillips • Emily Valenta

Hawk ElementaryJorin Roberts • Stephanie Halberstadt

Hodge ElementaryElla Magee • Brian Gomez

McNair ElementarySavannah Gross • Jodi Dallas

Nelson ElementarySamantha Wang • Denise-Clyne-Ruch

Pecan Creek ElementaryLauren Kaska • Jennifer Hartman

E. P. Rayzor ElementaryLucas Francis • Carleen Michener

Newton Rayzor ElementaryCate Panter • Amanda Gibson

Rivera ElementaryGabryel Diaz • Jamie McCormick

W.S. Ryan ElementaryLizeth Martinez • Deniz Sanchez

Savannah ElementaryEzekial Messer • Chelsea Spinks

Stephens ElementaryJaida Klimpel • Megan Trammell

Wilson ElementaryKaty Davis • Lilianna O'Conner