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2017 Honor Graduates and Educators of Influence

Denton Independent School District honored its top graduates and the teachers who influenced them at a special ceremony Thursday, May 11 at the LaGrone Advanced Technology Complex.

The ceremony, organized and hosted by the Denton Public School Foundation, featured ten graduating seniors from each of the district’s three comprehensive high schools – Denton, Guyer and Ryan – and three from its alternative high school, Fred Moore. Students were honored for their achievements in academics and extracurricular activities throughout their high school careers.

Each student chose an educator to recognize for his or her impact in the student's life. A letter written by each student to his or her educator of influence was read during the event.

The Denton ISD top graduates for the 2016-17 school year and their educators of influence can be seen below:
2017 Honor Graduates by School
 Denton High School Educator 
 Faith Atkinson Julianne Booth
 Chloe Conley  Jennifer Phillips
 Natalie Cygan John Corsi
 Zackary Davis John Curtis
 Alexander Goff  Jennifer Phillips
 Emily Goff Lisa Asplund
 Hayley Naples William Matthews
 Olivia Van Aiken Darnell Green
 Alexis Wood Connie Chan
 Siarra Wood John Curtis


 Fred Moore High SchoolEducator 
 A’Larya Cruz Countressa Ware-Jones
 Ekaterina Farwell Melinda Schultz
 Trinity Nichols Erik Bossenbroek


Guyer High School Educator
 Madison Bourgeois Sandra Miller
 Alliana Detorio Tiffany Fitzsimmons
 Benjamin Ferguson Carrie French
 Alexander Koh Sarah Hustwit
 Theoren Moore Paul Yarbrough
 Thomas Nunez Misty Moffitt
 Ansh Pujara Stephen Shade
 Brooke Roberts Jill McGrew
 Abhishek Shah Jerome Noel
 Megan Vennell Michelle Hanlon

 Ryan High School Educator
 Abigail Arvisu Susan Garrett
 Earnest Brown IV Sam Collins
 Tyreke Davis  Shane Tolleson
 Brittany Eccles Vanessa Arispe
 Amanda Kerr Helen Hayes
 Barry Lau Shawn Zeigler
 Ethan Neumann Shanna Hardesty
 Rachel Warfield Mark Kiraly
 Brynn Warnack Nicholas Gay
 Thomas Wilson Traci Burt



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