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District Celebrates Milestone with 2016-17 Retirees

The Denton Independent School District celebrated its 2016-2017 retirees on May 17 with a reception at the LaGrone Advanced Technology Complex. District leaders shared career highlights and accomplishments of the retirees in attendance. 
Each retiree averaged 18.7 years with Denton ISD and 25.9 years in the education profession. Combined, the 84 recognized retirees worked a total of 1,614 years with Denton ISD and a grand total of 2,202 years in education overall.
Click here to view photos of the ceremony.
Staff members who retired in the 2016-2017 school year include:
 Vicky Christenson Administrative Services
 Kathryn Arrington Administrative Services
 Teresa Finch Davis School
 Martha Crep Administrative Services
 Tambra Gramling Wilson Elementary
 Brenda Ashley Houston Elementary
 Torrance Baker Administrative Services
 Melony Bradley Evers Park Elementary
 Dee Ann Annett Evers Park Elementary
 Holly Caley Newton Razyor Elementary
 Kimberly Christopher Houston Elementary
 Loretta Gober Denton High
 Tracey Baines Ryan High
 Charlotte Place Pecan Creek Elementary
 Lisa Carrell Houston Elementary
 Happy Carrico Newton Rayzor Elementary
 Zan Austin Administrative Services
 Karrie Hodges Newton Rayzor Elementary
 Billy Lowry Strickland Middle
 Jeffrey Tinch Davis School
 Carol Lynn Mizell Strickland Middle
 Yolanda Horsh Newton Rayzor Elementary
 Martha Rayner Cross Oaks & Stephens Elementary 
 Linda Cole Administrative Services
 Cynthia Fitzgerald Gonzalez SYC & ATC
 Steve Johnson Administrative Services
 Christopher A. Smith Ryan High
 Roseann Beck Cross Oaks Elementary
 Claudia Burton McMath Middle
 Cynthia Haskins Administrative Services
 Patricia Dedijer Crownover Middle
 C. Alan Lay Navo Middle
 Kathy Lay Ann Windle SYC
 Juana McBride   Strickland Middle
 Wanda McCormack Administrative Services
 Roberta Rosario Administrative Services
 Dennis Tiemeier Ryan High
 Carol Long Ryan High
 Jaci Smalley Ryan High
 Robert Anderton Denton High
 Michelle Carn Lee Elementary 
 Patricia Flanagan Administrative Services
 Janna Roberts Strickland Middle
 Robin Wantland Administrative Services
 Angie Feldman Borman Elementary
 Gary Fiori Calhoun Middle
 Mary Holbert Administrative Services
 Rita Lane Harpool Middle
 Rebecca Persons Administrative Services
 Christopher Smith Navo Middle
 Diedre Williams Ryan High
 Margaret Calabrese Ryan High
 Alex Kelley Jr. Harpool Middle
 Trisha Lana Sparks Campus
 Debbie Smith Administrative Services
 Mary Messmer Ryan High
 Nancilou Jones Providence Elementary
 Brian Klauer Pecan Creek Elementary 
 Linda VanWey Administrative Services
 Dianne Baskin Strickland Middle
 Noemi Geihsler-Vinola W.S. Ryan Elementary
 Steven Johnson Guyer High
 Tracy McNeely-Oropeza Borman Elementary
 Barbara Rogers Cross Oaks Elem
 Caroline Johnson Administrative Services
 Debbie Pierce Calhoun Middle
 Sherell Stephens McMath Middle
 Connie Such Borman Elementary
 Debra Tyner Nelson Elementary
 Dorothy Holt Gonzalez SYC
 Stephanie Wiggins Providence Elementary
 Martha Adams Administrative Services
 Ginger Herrmann Providence Elementary
 Laurie Michael Houston Elementary
 Leta Najjar Navo Middle
 Phillip Prichard Administrative Services
 Ronnie Roshtov Navo Middle
 Karen Satterwhite Blanton Elementary
 Christina Della Nebbia Stephens Elementary
 Karen Derner Administrative Services
 Mary Young Administrative Services
 Kurt Dekuehn Administrative Services
 Darrell Weyman Ryan High
 Donald Purdy Denton High
The district presented honorees with a clock, commemorating their years of service to the students of our community.