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Classmates By Coincidence

Logan McDaniel and Brock Thompson made quite a name for themselves last track season. Logan was a Denton High Bronco that could jump out-of-sight, earning the district championship in the long jump. Across town at Guyer High, Brock sprinted his way to a spot at the regional meet in the 100 and 200 meters.

Next year, Denton ISD’s track superstars will take their talents north to one of the best schools in America - Columbia University.

“I went up to my official visit in New York City and I just loved it,” Brock said. “The more I see it and the more I think about it… I’m excited. New York City with the number of internships and everything there, that’s what really drew me to it. While college is only four years, those experiences and the people that I can meet will last a lot longer than that.”

“It’s a top five school in the nation so it was pretty much a no-brainer,” said Logan about the Ivy League school. “I’ve been in Denton my whole life. I’m just glad to get out and explore. I don’t want to go to college and just mess around. I want to go up there and have an impact on my family and myself.”

Logan and Brock both plan to make an impact at the track as well. Thompson has his eyes set on the Columbia school record in the 100 meters. McDaniel has similar plans in the long jump.

“I feel like I can set a record in the long jump because I don’t really work out as far as the off season. So, once they get me into the proper training that I need I can really progress as an athlete,” said Logan.

The duo are likely to see a lot of each as they chase those lofty goals. In fact, they will probably see more of each other in New York than they do at home in Denton. McDaniel and Thompson really didn’t know each other until they met at a recruiting trip a couple of months ago.

“We were on our official recruiting trip. It was the last night,” said Brock. “We had to go around and say where we were from. He (Logan) said Denton. Right after the dinner I went over there and talked to him and found out he went to Denton High and that we know a bunch of the same people. Knowing some of the same people and having some of the same experiences while we’re so far away from our family and friends, I think it will be really cool and important to have someone to connect with.”

They will be able to connect both on the field and in the classroom as both head to Columbia with a long track record of academic success. Logan was in the IB Program at Denton High, while Brock became a certified real estate agent during his senior year.

Both believe the work to achieve that academic success will only benefit them moving forward.

“There was always some project or some long-term goal that we had to accomplish. That’s going to translate into college and help me to be used to that when it’s introduced,” Logan said.