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Denton ISD Welcomes Families Affected by Harvey

To the families of those affected by Hurricane Harvey and subsequent flooding, we welcome you to seek temporary shelter in one of our 17 communities.


Our district is responsible for the education of more than 28,000 students across these 17 different communities. This large geographic footprint includes families from different ethnic, social and economic backgrounds – all of whom have an equal stake in their children’s education – so we know your family will feel the comfort of home.


Our focus is to help displaced families acquire aid and to place children into a classroom as quickly as possible in order to reduce the amount of instruction missed.


To best assist you, we have put the following processes in place for displaced families:

  • Contact the district’s Academic Programs office at (940) 369-0079.
  • As students are enrolled, the Counseling and Social Services office will ensure students are provided with clothing, toiletries and school supplies. The Counseling and Social Services office will also be available to assist other family members if needed.
  • McKinney-Vento students will attend the school in the attendance zone where they are currently residing. All displaced students must adhere to the two-mile guideline to receive bus transportation. The Transportation Department will adjust bus routes, if necessary, should enough students reside in a location without a current bus stop.
  • Families that are displaced as a result of the hurricane or flooding can enroll without documentation. For those displaced at the secondary level, students will be placed in classes based on the information (verbal if necessary) provided by the family. If and when official records arrive, student schedules may be adjusted to best suit their needs.


Our district leaders are here to assist families and to provide a welcoming educational experience for their children.