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High School Choir Students Make TMEA All-Region Choirs


Choir students from high schools all across Region 2 auditioned on September 23 and October 3 for the TMEA All-Region Choirs. On October 24, 9th and 10th grade choir students will also have an opportunity to audition for the All-Region 9/10 Choir. These students below have earned the honor of participating in the TMEA All-Region Choir Clinic and Concert, Saturday, November 4. The public is invited to attend this outstanding concert on November 4 at 5:00pm at Margo Jones Performance Hall on the campus of Texas Woman’s University. The 10 DISD students selected to the All-Region Mixed Choir will also advance to the TMEA Pre-Area level auditions on November 14. Congratulations to these students and their teachers! Best wishes to everyone in the upcoming Pre-Area and 9th/10th grade auditions!


Braswell HS: Ben Oehlschlaeger, Director

Lauren Barr - Mixed Choir Soprano 2

Kara Freeman - Treble Choir Soprano 2


Denton HS: Mark Baker, Director and Nick Vance, Assistant Director

Alyssa Williamson - Mixed Choir Alto 1

Maddy Hal - Mixed Choir Alto 2

Zach Sadeghian - Mixed Choir Tenor 2

Anna Baylock  - Treble Choir Alto 1  

Karlie Sherman - Treble Choir Alto 1  

Lily Snider  - Treble Choir Alto 1  

Cari Ferguson - Treble Choir Soprano 1  

Madison Moffatt - Treble Choir Soprano 1

Leia Gregory – Treble Choir Soprano 2  

Stephanie Williamson - Treble Choir Soprano 2  


Guyer HS: Mary Mathis-Sadler, Director and Rebecca Kraft, Assistant Director

Kiersten Farris - Mixed Choir Soprano 1

Carissa Snow - Mixed Choir Alto 1

Christian Rives - Mixed Choir Tenor 1

Haley Dortch - Mixed Choir Alto 2

Katie Beijan - Treble Choir Alto 1

McCaa Clancy - Treble Choir Alto 2


Ryan HS: David Rives, Director and Scott Thompson, Assistant Director

Tyler Winfree - Mixed Choir Tenor 1

Morgan Ducar - Mixed Choir Alto 2

Sarah Broom - Treble Choir Soprano 2

Jaedan Bobbitt - Treble Choir Alto 2

Seylah Williams-Bates - Treble Choir Alto 2