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Middle School Students Selected for 17-18 All-Region Choir


On Saturday, October 21, 2017, Denton ISD choir students participated in the TMEA Region 2 Middle School Choir Auditions at Strickland Middle School in Denton. Forty-six DISD middle school choir students were selected among the very best choir students from Region 2 which includes middle schools from Denton ISD, Lake Dallas ISD, Lewisville ISD, and Northwest ISD. These students will perform in the Middle School All-Region Choir Concert at 4:30 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 11, at Denton High. Congratulations to these outstanding students and teachers!


Calhoun MS: Denise Stephens, Director

Eleanor Davis – Advanced Treble Soprano 1

Isabella Rose – Intermediate Treble Soprano 2


Crownover MS: Kaela Vance, Director

Claire Gillman- Advanced Treble Soprano 2

Jasmine Labelle- Intermediate Treble Soprano 2 

Gwyneth Zavala- Advanced Treble Alto


Harpool MS: Alaina Ice, Director

Caroline Bowen - Intermediate Treble  Soprano 2

Wesley Crow - Tenor/Bass Choir 

Aiden Daniels - Tenor/Bass Choir 

Grant Keller - Tenor/Bass Choir 

Aidan Lackstrom - Tenor/Bass Choir

Grace LaFlamme - Intermediate Treble Soprano 1

Kristi Lee - Advanced Treble Soprano 1

Erica Jantz - Intermediate Treble Soprano 1

Sarah Jenkins - Intermediate Treble Soprano 1


McMath MS: Shelly Swafford, Director

Mackenzie Applin - Intermediate Treble Soprano 1

Jolin Feng - Advanced Treble Soprano 1

Ruhama Kabir - Intermediate Treble Soprano 2

Abigail Kim - Advanced Treble Soprano 1

Margaret Nicholson - Advanced Treble Soprano 1

DJ Woodson – Tenor-Bass Choir


Myers MS: Kevin Rybowicz, Director

Joyce Ayeni - Intermediate Treble Soprano 1

Levi Broom - Tenor-Bass Choir

Xander Croft - Tenor-Bass Choir

Elizabeth Lambert - Advanced Treble Alto

Jacob Lester - Tenor-Bass Choir

Ethan Martin - Tenor-Bass Choir

Andrea Smith - Intermediate Treble Soprano 2

Danelle Sumberaz - Advanced Treble Alto


Navo MS: Tyler Fox, Director

Meghan Cox - Intermediate Treble Soprano 2

Trinity Flangan - Intermediate Treble Soprano 2

Alena Law - Advanced Treble Soprano 1

Krista Page - Advanced Treble Alto


Rodriguez MS: Emilio Sanchez, Director

Eralee Ginn - Advanced Treble Alto

Joslyn Marshall - Intermediate Treble Soprano 2

Libby Quisenberry - Intermediate Treble Alto

Mikelle Shaffer - Intermediate Treble Soprano 1

Bailey Westerfield - Intermediate Treble Soprano 1


Strickland MS: Amy Logan, Director and Virginia Thomas, Assistant Director

Adelle Anderson - Intermediate Treble Soprano 1

Allan Brank - Tenor-Bass Choir

Rachel Braunschweig - Intermediate Treble Alto

Abigail Cook - Advanced Treble Soprano 2

Gary Felderhoff - Tenor-Bass Choir

Miguel Gonzalez - Tenor-Bass Choir

Sydney Koch - Intermediate Treble Soprano 2

Tristan Lawrence - Tenor-Bass Choir

Brayan Vega - Tenor-Bass Choir