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Guyer High Spreads with New "Wings" for Students


As Guyer High School opened its doors for the campus’ 13th year this fall, construction workers and heavy equipment steadily hummed outside. Work began during the summer months on the $49.9 million renovation and expansion that will have the campus growing in both the eastern and western directions.


“We’ve had a few inconveniences due to construction, but once folks realize the magnitude of the project and the long term benefits it’s all good,” said Dr. Shaun Perry, principal.


The additions will help maximize the campus’ space without the cost of building another new school in the region, keeping the high school zone intact for several more years. The additional space – which factors out to more than the size of a Denton ISD elementary school – will increase the school’s capacity to house roughly 3,000 students.


A new academic wing to the east adds 12 classrooms for upperclassmen as well as collaborative work spaces for students. The plan includes reworking the administrative area to provide a more secure entry for the campus. The entire project is expected to be complete next fall to welcome the Class of 2022.


The addition to the west, is designed exclusively with ninth-graders in mind and will create a “school within a school” concept. The wing has expanded fine arts areas and multiple collaborative learning spaces. More specifically, students will have access to 20 new classrooms, 10 flexible work spaces, eight science classrooms and three computer labs.


“Making the transition from middle school to high school is such a key time for kids,” said Dr. Perry. “Keeping a graduating class all together in one segment of the building is really going to help them build relationships and start high school off in a positive direction.”


Voters in the district approved the project as part of a $312 million bond package in 2013 by more than a 68 percent margin. Of that plan, only one elementary school whose site has yet to be determined, remains on the construction schedule.


The district currently has the Dr. Bill Giese Professional Support Services Building under construction at the corner of Elm and Third Streets in Denton. The project, approved by voters in 2007, has remained until the end because the district places priority on building classrooms and meeting the needs of student programs.