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A Hero's Helping: Let Us Buy You Lunch!

Beginning today, Denton ISD will offer a free meal to uniformed law enforcement, fire and military service personnel who wish to eat lunch in one of the district’s 41 campus cafeterias. “A Hero’s Helping” seeks to provide additional opportunities for students and staff to build positive relationships as well as provide an extra sense of security.


“We enjoy a strong relationship with local law enforcement through our school resource officers, we want to expand that to other officers, fire fighters, paramedics and even veterans who might not be as familiar with our students,” said Jamie Wilson, superintendent of schools. “Providing them lunch is the least we can do.”


Personnel who are on duty and stop by for lunch are encouraged to park in the front drive and maintain a very visible presence while on campus.


The district is also encouraging neighborhood patrol officers to park their vehicles in and around school property when they need to complete paperwork during non-school hours.


“We have lots of parents who stop by to eat lunch with their student but would love to expand that and have folks in uniform join us every day on a campus,” said Dr. Wilson.


The district’s 41 campuses in 18 communities are served by the Denton County Sheriff’s Office as well as police and fire departments from Corinth, Denton, Little Elm and Oak Point.


“Naturally, we have schools in almost every neighborhood in our 180 sq. mile district so as these public servants are in the community doing their work, they are going to be near a school,” said Chris Bomberger, director of child nutrition. “We would love the opportunity to honor them with free lunch.”


No reservations are necessary for “A Hero’s Helping.” However, if a large group of five or more plan to attend, please contact your school’s cafeteria manager.