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Voters Approve Denton ISD Bond Proposition

Denton Independent School District voters overwhelmingly approved the school district’s bond proposal with 74.4% of voters in favor of the $750.5 million capital improvement plan, the largest in the district’s history, and a record 10,615 votes were cast. The school district tax rate, which has remained at $1.54 per $100 of assessed valuation for the past four years, will not increase because of voter approval.


“The approval allows us to make some much-needed renovations to our aging schools and to ensure we have the facilities we need to address growth in the next few years,” said Dr. Jamie Wilson, superintendent of schools. “Our 57-member Citizens’ Advisory Committee was amazing, and we are grateful for their grassroots approach to addressing our students’ needs. The Board of School Trustees provided courageous leadership that will set the tone of student learning for generations. Ultimately, our students and staff will benefit, and that’s something we can all be proud of at the end of any day.”


With voter authorization to sell up to $750.5 million in bonds, the Board of Trustees plans to authorize the sale of bonds in several increments and as the taxable assessed property values and student enrollment grows.


The district has pledged to address safety and security at each campus first, followed by the largest projects and needs, which ensures the most cost-effective construction process. Since 2005, the Board has saved taxpayers more than $132 million by refinancing debt.


Denton ISD will start planning for future student growth and the addition of two new schools and the replacement of five others.


The 2018 bond package includes more than 100 projects throughout Denton ISD, including:

  • Security Upgrades (all schools)
  • Middle School #9
  • Elementary School #25
  • Replacement School for Denton High School (at a new location)
  • Replacement School for Newton Rayzor Elementary
  • Replacement School for Wilson Elementary
  • Renovations at Strickland Middle
  • Relocation for Calhoun Middle (former Denton High)
  • Capital Improvements at 18 Campuses
  • Construction/Renovation of Transportation Facilities
  • Additions for Career & Technical Education Programs
  • Upgrades and Additions for Fine Arts
  • Upgrades and Additions for Athletics


Board President Mia Price stressed the importance of being able to tackle all of the committee’s recommended projects, without increasing the tax rate.


“Our Board is committed to be as fiscally responsible as possible to our community and we will continue that moving forward,” said Ms. Price. “Our district continues to grow because of the tremendous work our teachers are doing in the classroom as well as the reputation of our schools. The result of this election shows that the community stands with us, a fact of which I could not be more proud.” 


A complete list of proposed projects is available at