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Top Grads Honor Educators of Influence

To view photos from this event, please click here.

Denton Independent School District honored top graduates and the teachers who influenced them at a reception at a special ceremony on Thursday, May 10 at the LaGrone Advanced Technology Complex.

The ceremony, organized and hosted by the Denton Public School Foundation, featured ten graduating seniors from each of the district’s four comprehensive high schools – Braswell, Denton, Guyer and Ryan – and three from its alternative high school, Fred Moore.


Students were honored for their achievements in academics and extracurricular activities throughout their high school careers. Each student selected an educator to recognize for his or her impact in the student's life. A letter written by each student to his or her educator of influence was during the event.

The Denton ISD top graduates for the Class of 2018 and their educators of influence can be seen below:


2018 Honor Graduates by School


Braswell High School

Student                                Educator of Influence

Ashley Angulo                        Amy Evans Bluitt

Brant Bennett                        Wendy Smith

Dylan Boren                          Paige Trujillo

Citlalli Curiel                         Sara Zimmerman      

Aiden Dalrymple                   Ashley Joanidis

Ryan Howard                        Michelle Greene

Jessie Rowland                     Sara Zimmerman

Anna Skaugen                      Gia Bowens

Elijah Warren                        Matt Smith

Raven Williams                     Maddie Wood


Denton High School

Student                               Educator of Influence

Sydney Acker                        Jennifer Phillips

Sofia Batt                              John Curtis

Adam Goff                            William Matthews

Madeleine Hall                       Nicholas Vance

Janna Herron                        Jennifer Phillips

Emma Holzer                        Mary Gilliland

Andrew Kim                          Carlos Blanco

Anthony Kim                         Jonathan Berg

Natalie Parks                         Kelly Cooper

Swastika Sah                         John Curtis


Guyer High School

Student                              Educator of Influence     

Grayson Carter                     Carrie French

Nathan Gates                       Jerome Noel

Stephan Gomez                    Jeremy Atkins

Jessica Hoffman                   Stephanie Taylor-Whitlow

Lauren McKinney                  Bridget Matamoros

Vishvani Patel                       Sabrina Erwin

Rachel Reed                         Stephanie Long

Anthony Roth-Giacinto          Steven Shade

Breyer Winder                      Hannah Durham

Andrew Winn                       David Jensen


Fred Moore High School

Student                                 Educator of Influence     

Tabitha Berry                         Countressa Ware Jones

Deja Boyer                            Kelly Fiore-Watson

Savanna Broades                   Melinda Schultz


Ryan High School

Student                                 Educator of Influence     

Kaiden Dickson                      Kelli Whisenhunt

Kosi Eldridge                         Jordan Bull

Sarah Grant                          Dani Kading

Holly Heon                            Megan Dare

Heather Heon                        Mark Kiraly

Carson Kennedy                    Jenny Koontz

Alex Malone                          Susan Harvey

Taylor Malone                       Kathleen Bossenbroek

Taylor Terry                          Diedre Williams

Janelle Thompson                 Traci Burt