• I joined the L.A. Nelson staff as school nurse on August 15, 2013. I believe students are in school so they can learn.  In order for learning to take place, students must be in the classroom.  To be in theclassroom, students must be healthy.  I am here to contribute to your child's educational success by maintaining the optimal level of health possible for each student.   So I can do this, I need and welcome every parent's support and input. lion


    My past experiences include teaching nursing at the baccalaureate and associate degree levels, and working in hospitals.  I served four years in the Republic of Yemen working in a 72 bed general hopsital.   I have also taught sciences in secondary schools. 


    Hobbies include gardening and caring for chickens, playing keyboard and bass guitar, reading Louis L'Amour books, researching early history of the United States, and teaching Bible study at my church. 


    I anticipate a successful year at L.A. Nelson.  Please visit, call or email me with yourquestions, concerns and input.  


    Thank you,


    Nurse Peggy