• Teaching Reading is Based on These Beliefs

          -  Reading instruction should be child centered.

          -  Reading for meaning is paramount.

          -  Reading must always be rewarding.

          -  Children learn to read by reading, and also by writing.

          -  Children need to be read to EVERYDAY!

          -  Children learn best when they have books that have meaning and are rewarding!

          -  The best approach to teaching reading is a combination of approaches, offering
             instruction in phonics and discrete skills as well as experience with good 


          -  The best cure for reading failure is good first teaching!


          -  The foundations of literacy are laid in the early years.


    Teaching Phonics in Our Classroom

          -  Through a balanced titeracy program, that includes direct instruction in phonics
             and discrete skills


          -  Through Big Book and Pocket Chart activities with known text


          -  Used in the context of a meaningful task


          -  Through interactive music and movement activities


          -  As part of daily routines


          -  Tied to literature and stories, songs, and poems


          -  Modeled through teacher demonstration and student interaction integrated with 
             word work, journal work, writing centers, and special wordbooks.


          -  Through Guided Reading and Guided Writing


          -  Through book making


          -  Taught with Sound Picture Cards and reinforced with Sound Cards as an 
             integral part of our spelling program

Last Modified on December 28, 2012