• A parent/guardian is required to come to the Registrar’s office to withdraw their student.  They will need to present a drivers license to verify identity and guardianship. 
    Students must turn in all issued textbooks, classroom issued books, library books, parking permits, and return any equipment/uniforms issued from any coaches/directors. Any outstanding items as well as fines incurred must be paid in full to complete the withdrawal process. Payment must made to the bookkeeper and be in the form of cash or money orders. Advanced notice of intent to withdraw can speed the process immensely. 
    Once the withdrawal process is complete, parents will be given a withdrawal form, student transcript and copy of immunizations to be taken to the students new school to facilitate enrollment. Please contact our Registrar, Lisa Bigrigg at 940-369-1018 or email, lbigrigg@dentonisd.org or our Assistant Registrar, Chelsey Yamashita at 940-369-1031 or email, cyamashita@dentonisd.org if you have any questions about the withdrawal process.
Last Modified on June 26, 2018