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Trustees Discuss Change to Policy ELA (Local)

During a special called meeting, the Denton ISD Board of School Trustees discussed proposed changes to Board Policy ELA (Local) to align the verbiage to allow for the district to forge a “Texas Partnership.” The Board took no action and will place the item on a future agenda.


Under Texas Senate Bill 1882, enacted in 2017, public school districts can access higher levels of per pupil funding at a campus that operates under an in-district charter that is supported by a non-profit board. In the case of a non-profit, the Board of School Trustees and the non-profit board must each ratify a management agreement that would clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of both organizations.


“To allay any confusion on the discussion surrounding our district’s stance on SB 1882, Denton ISD is not interested in partnering with for-profit entities, we simply want to explore the expansion of partnerships we currently have in our community,” said Dr. Jamie Wilson, superintendent.


Dr. Daniel Lopez, area superintendent of academic programs, has been studying this potential policy change since August. During his presentation, he referenced a program he has toured, the Moody Early Childhood Center in Galveston ISD, that was established under the same process.


“We want to partner with local, well established private non-profits and provide them with resources,” said Dr. Lopez. “If we received additional funding, our community could elevate the level of services provided to our learners.”


During the discussion, the Board of Trustees expressed they want to have complete oversight responsibility through well-developed performance goals. Any partnership with a non-profit board would include an application process, an interview process and a public hearing process under the policy.


“We have to establish the policy before we can ever consider a partnership, not the other way around,” said Dr. Wilson. “Understanding the information, gathering information from our partners and gaining input from our community is paramount. We have to start the discussion, and that’s what we are starting today.”