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Denton High School International Baccalaureate® Program Posts Highest Diploma Rate in School History

Denton High School, an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School®, operates using a highly rigorous curriculum that encourages and influences students to approach education through a global perspective. Denton High School’s IB graduates may earn at least 24 and up to 32 hours of college credit at many colleges and universities while attending high school.

The Denton High School International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program recently received their final results for graduates in the Class of 2021. The eighty-six percent passing rate ranks as the highest in school history. An exceptional feat that reflects well for those students and the staff considering the challenges faced during the school year since the onset of the global pandemic.

The 18 recipients of the distinguished IB Diploma from the Class of 2021 include:

Karen Angulo (The University of North Texas)

Velma (Kate) Crawford (The University of Texas at Austin)

Roya Farahani (The University of Texas at Austin)

Hannah Flowers (The University of North Texas)

Jennifer Jimenez (The University of North Texas)

Ryen Langlois (Texas Woman’s University)

Quinlyn Martin (The University of Texas at Arlington)

Juliana Matous (Texas A&M University)

Dalton McCall (The University of Texas at Dallas)

Nadia McClanathan (The University of North Texas)

Adria Pahler (The University of North Texas)

Ana Marie Rasch (The University of Texas at Austin)

Cari Reichel (The University of Denver)

Kasandra Schroeder (Emory University)

Rachel Simone (The University of Texas at Austin),

Madeleine Taylor-Marks (St. John’s University)

Arvin Vinod (The University of Texas at Austin)

Emily Young (Harvard University)

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is an assessed program for students aged 16 to 19. Upon high school graduation, students are tested as direct evidence of achievement against stated goals of the IB DP course work, and of those tested 18 of their 21 students earned IB Diploma designation. 

Denton ISD is one of only a few school districts in Texas to offer an IB experience and  K-12 continuum for students at all levels. The district is home to four campuses that highlight IB, including Borman Elementary, Newton Rayzor Elementary, Calhoun Middle School and Denton High School.

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