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Denton ISD Utilizing Varsity Tutors for 24/7 Free Online Tutoring

Denton ISD has begun utilizing Varsity Tutors for 24/7 on-demand tutoring, which is free for all Denton ISD students.

Varsity Tutors provides Denton ISD students access to unlimited, real-time tutoring across all core subjects from expert tutors via live chat. In addition, students can access tools like a document editor, scientific calculator, file sharing and more.

Students can also upload essays and writing assignments for proofreading and content guidance. Other extracurricular classes that teach skills like coding, animating and financial literacy are also available.

To utilize the platform, students log in to their ClassLink account and navigate to the top left of the page. From there, students select the plus icon to open the apps library and search for “Varsity Tutors” and add the app to begin using the service. Students can also navigate to the Varsity Tutors website and use their district email address to log in.

Students work only with experienced educators and tutors who have been rigorously vetted. Before tutors ever meet with students, they must first complete an interview to assess experience and skill set, lead a tutoring session to showcase specific subject knowledge, demonstrate their ability in a virtual platform and pass academic/personal background checks.

Varsity Tutors are available in both English and Spanish.

Beyond tutoring, Varsity Tutors offers college prep and admission resources that help students receive more scholarship and college opportunities. Live, instructor-led courses help students with PSAT, SAT and ACT preparation. The platform spans a wide variety of subjects and exams, presenting questions in varying formats and difficulties.

This tailored approach enables students to track their progress, pinpoint areas for improvement and deepen their understanding of the material through detailed explanations and constructive feedback.

Denton ISD students will also have the ability to track their proficiency in subjects and identify skill gaps, empowering them to advance at their own pace.