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Top Safety Tips for Walking and Biking

Biking or walking is not only a great way to get to school, but also to get around after school! When you choose to ride your bike or walk, remember these safety tips:

When walking


>Remember to use the nearest crosswalk. If signalized, use the push button and wait for the WALK signal. If not signalized, people in cars must yield to pedestrians using the crosswalk – so look both ways and be assertive.
>If there isn’t a sidewalk present walk against traffic so people in their cars can more easily see you.
>When walking at night or early morning, be visible! Either bring a light or wear bright or reflective clothing.
>Remember to be aware of your surroundings and don’t text and walk. Make eye contact with the person driving so you know they see you. 


When riding your bike


>Remember to operate as if you are a vehicle – so stop at red lights and STOP signs and yield to pedestrians.
>Remember to ride predictably – so travel in a straight line and don’t swerve through traffic, and always signal your turns and stops.
>Make sure it is equipped with the proper lights. State law requires a white light on the front and at least a rear reflector on the back. Wear reflective clothing when needed.
>Remember to ride ready – so wear a helmet and check the tires, brakes and chain before you get on.



When you remember these safety tips when walking or biking, it makes our community safer.