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Denton ISD Announces Hawkeye Readers Endowment Winner

2020 Hawkeye Winner, Patty Marquez - Borman ES The 2020-2021 Denton ISD Hawkeye Reader winning teacher is Borman Elementary teacher, Patty Marquez.  Mrs. Marquez is a dual-language kindergarten bilingual teacher who joined the district in 2017.

As a second language learner herself, she was a timid, nervous, little girl who faced literacy challenges growing up and was not supported by her teacher.  Today, Mrs. Marquez sees herself reflected in her emergent bilingual kindergarten students.

“These past two years as an educator have been filled with many successes and challenges,” says Mrs. Marquez.  “But with all of the passion and drive in my heart for literacy, I will continue to make every effort to guide, encourage, celebrate, and most importantly, love ALL of my striving readers and writers.”

Mrs. Marquez is truly a beautiful example of how teachers can set the foundation for literacy development in such a positive, in-depth, and engaging way for young learners,” said Emily McClarty, campus principal.  “Spending time in Mrs. Marquez’s classroom is a reminder of just how powerful early literacy can be.” 

The award is named for Mildred Hawk, a well-known advocate of reading and all things historical in the Denton community and throughout Denton County.  Realizing the importance of reading, Mrs. Hawk established the Hawkeye Readers program with Denton ISD in 1999.  This program awarded the top third grade readers at each elementary school throughout the district.

Mrs. Hawk established the Hawkeye Reader Endowment in January 2004 just prior to her death. Through her generous contribution, funds were made available annually so that the Hawkeye Reader program could continue. Always a great planner, Mrs. Hawk provided funding with the anticipated growth of the District in mind, thereby ensuring generations of Hawkeye Readers in Denton ISD.

Over the years, the literacy committee decided to move the student program to second grade. So, every spring, two-second grade students from each elementary school are chosen by their teachers as the Hawkeye students of the year. They receive a monetary gift, a ribbon and a certificate. Around 2011, the district wanted to expand the acknowledgment of literacy teachers across the district.

Every elementary and Pre-K campus in Denton ISD has the option of naming a Hawkeye Literacy Teacher to represent their campus based on their outstanding literacy implementation.  See list of campus winners here.

Campus winners complete an in-depth application which is sent to Jackie Jackson, executive director of the Denton Public School Foundation and her committee to determine the year’s recipient of the Hawkeye endowment.  The winner receives $500.00 to spend on their classroom to further support literacy implementation.