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Apply for Denton Public School Foundation Scholarships

Applications for the Denton Public School Foundation scholarships for graduating DISD seniors are now available online. To apply for one of more than 150 scholarships available to seniors in the Class of 2019, please click here. The awards range from $250-$4500 and can be used for university, college or trade and vocational schools, as well as many areas of study, GPAs from 2.0-5.0, and future career plans.
The deadline to apply is Wednesday, November 14.  If you are a senior, make it a point to complete the application for extra funds for your future school plans.  If you are a parent, please remind and encourage your senior to take advantage of the Foundation’s scholarship program.  Winners will be announced at the Senior Awards ceremonies at each high school in April and May.
For more information, contact your counselor or the Foundation – Jackie Jackson – or Jenifer Fuller –