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Changes to Teacher Web Pages for 2018-19

Denton ISD is committed to consistent and open communication with the community, more specifically parents. As part of that commitment, the district is requiring all teachers and staff to maintain a standard set of information across all campuses as part of the district’s web presence. 


“Of the almost 30, 000 students we serve, we know that more than one third have siblings on other campuses,” said Mario Zavala, district of communications and community relations. “More specifically, we have more than 10, 000 parents with students on multiple campuses. Having the same information in the same spot on each page just makes sense for them.” 


Each teacher’s individual page moving forward will include: 

  • Name 
  • Email 
  • Contact Phone Number 
  • Class Schedule 
  • Conference/Tutoring Hours (if applicable) 
  • Link to classroom webpage (if applicable) 


In a district that is one of the ten fastest growing school districts in the country, families are enrolling in schools daily. 


“Unless parents need to contact their student’s teacher immediately, most of the time the best way to communicate with teachers who are delivering instruction all day is via email,” said Mr. Zavala. “And, in the case of secondary students who have multiple teachers during the day, the best way to track down your student’s teacher is via the staff list on the campus’ web page.”