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Denton ISD Partners with STOPit to Empower Students, Staff

Recently, Denton ISD partnered with STOPit, a leading technology reporting platform for schools that deters harmful or inappropriate conduct. STOPit empowers students to stand up for themselves and others while giving our schools the insight we need to keep students and staff safe.

As a communication tool, STOPit empowers students with an app to anonymously report anything of concern to school officials for review. STOPit replaces SafeSchools as the district’s new incident self-reporting system.

Before the district-wide implementation for STOPit, (Braswell zone middle and high school had the product as a pilot last spring) the District used SafeSchools, which provided an anonymous reporting function in compliance with SB 179 also known as David's Law (2017).

One major difference between SafeSchools and STOPit is the latter offers administrators the ability to text back and forth with the sender via their device. This maintains the anonymity of the sender while creating an opportunity to gather more information about the details of the concern so staff can be more responsive in resolving any issues that are found.  

“Our teachers and staff are not only devoted to the education of all students but are also fully invested and focused on keeping them all safe from any harm,” said Lt. David Mays, Denton ISD Director of Safety and Security. “After launching this fall, we are already receiving important information from our students. Using this app is very simple and relatable to kids of all ages. Each campus has a unique access code that makes it easy to use and very functional for today’s students.”

Students can download the easy-to-use STOPit app which allows them to report safely and anonymously anything of concern to school officials – from cyberbullying to threats of violence or self-harm.  

The district’s use of this app is a proactive step towards empowering all students to become upstanding citizens in their communities and doing so in a way that they feel most comfortable. The district’s partnership with STOPit Solutions™ is a step in the continued effort to provide a positive school climate and a safe learning environment for all of our students.

STOPit provides valuable services to campus and district administrators including monitoring incidents, content about issues and resolutions, training, and investigation tools to help get in front of issues and manage risks.  

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