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Trustees Review HB3 Teacher Incentive Allotment Program

Denton ISD Board of Trustees recently reviewed a statewide teaching incentive allotment program aimed at improving teacher retention in the classroom through incentive-based higher salary wages and compensation. The House Bill 3 Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) was established during the 86th legislature (January - May 2019) and is designed to give teachers access to a six-figure salary.

An extended presentation by Jason Rainey, executive director of human resources, focused on how the program would help Denton ISD reward, retain, and recruit teachers in every classroom because of their extensive work experience in their subject area. 

“In recent years, surveys done by the TEA have shown that among college-aged students, interest in pursuing a teaching certification is on the decline,” said Mr. Rainey. “This proposal would allow us to not only hire more effective teachers but distribute those teachers to the campuses of highest needs. Essentially, our intent with this program is to make sure that our best teachers ultimately are working with our students who present the highest need.”

Teachers are eligible to generate allotment funds up to $32,000, beyond their current salary, for their district based on classroom performance. High-performing teachers will be designated as “Recognized,” “Exemplary,” or “Master” level educators based on statewide performance descriptors for these designations. 

The district, along with other districts state-wide, plans to work with Texas Tech University to establish the new criteria for teacher designations.

Designation status for teachers will be measured in several ways including classroom observation and student performance. School districts will have the discretion to include other factors such as teachers who mentor other teachers or student feedback.

“I realize this is a very complex and somewhat complicated process,” said Dr. Jim Alexander, trustee. “But I think we as a district need to do all we can do to really take full advantage of this as an opportunity to first help further compensate our teachers in this district, and second, it is a really interesting way of helping to achieve a higher degree of equity among our schools.”

The district is currently in the fact-gathering stage in its plan as administrators engage in discussion with stakeholders, like the presentation for trustees. 

The state’s application process will conclude in April of 2022 and be sent to TEA for review. Upon approval of the application, the district will begin capturing data on its teachers during the 2022-23 school year and will submit results to Texas Tech University for validation. 

TEA will then review the outcomes of the data validation and the application to determine final approval. If approved, the district will begin issuing designations. Operating within this timeline, final teacher designation and compensation will take place in the 2023-24 school year.