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Trustees Approve 2022-2023 Operating Budget, Propose Tax Rate Decrease for Fourth Straight Year

Denton ISD Board of School Trustees approved a $315.4 million operating budget for the 2022-23 school year while proposing a decrease to the overall tax rate for the fourth year in a row. The proposed combined tax rate of $1.34460 per $100 assessed valuation will go to the board for approval in September. The proposed rate translates to $0.48 for debt service or the repayment of bonds and $0.8646 for maintenance and operations or the daily expenses and salaries.
Denton ISD continues to see strong appraisal growth with more than $23.5 billion in appraised value projected for 2022. The $2.7 billion increase over the prior year consists of more than $1.4 billion in new property added to the appraisal roll, as assessed by the Denton County Appraisal District.
The district continues to work to add new staff that addresses student population growth. At the first Board Meeting in June, trustees approved a three percent of the mid-point pay increase for all employees and an equity adjustment plan for those employees whose current salary is below the market median.
The starting salary for first-year teachers joining Denton ISD has been increased to $58,000, allowing the district to remain competitive with beginning teacher salaries across the region and the state.
“We have been prudent and careful in our budgeting process for years, we have developed a pattern,” said Dr. Jim Alexander, trustee. “Because of having done that through the years, we are in a position now to do a three-percent raise for our teachers and our staff and feel confident that we can afford it and to look forward to a healthy budget over the next two or three years. Our district continues to benefit from being fiscally prudent through the years and making good decisions. I am very grateful to our accounting and budgeting staff to help guide us through this process. It’s worked very well.”