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Denton ISD Transportation Department Partners with Identity Assist to Operate School Bus GPS

Denton ISD Transportation will begin a pilot program designed to promote the safety and security of those students in the district who use school transportation. Bus students will soon be provided a student bus access card with a lanyard.  In order for this program to work successfully, the card and the lanyard must be worn daily.  The student access cards are encrypted with a random number that is interpreted by a sensor on the school bus.


When students board their respective bus, their student bus access card will be scanned.  The system will automatically record your student boarding, off-loading and the location of his/her school bus. Once on board the bus, their unique, encrypted number is then transmitted to our secure Denton ISD student access card center, where it is translated and displayed to inform DISD Transportation operations staff on the “real-time” status.  Parents may also download the Parent Portal to obtain “real-time” bussing and student information. 


Denton ISD Transportation staff will soon begin to distribute the student access cards to all secondary bus students through their bus driver.  The following campuses and special needs students will be excluded from the initial distribution:  Calhoun Middle School, Myers Middle School, Navo Middle School, Strickland Middle School, and Fred Moore High School.  All elementary bus students will receive their card and a lanyard through their campus in the coming weeks.    


“This new system is designed to provide real-time safety information and assist in identifying student passengers who are riding the bus,” said Dr. Sheryl Alden, Denton ISD assistant transportation director.  “This system will enhance student safety, and security and promote timely and efficient student transportation services.”


Click here to read the parent letter sent home regarding school bus GPS and the student access card program.