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Ginnings Quick Reference for Parents


General Guidelines for Ginnings Elementary 2019-2020
The information in this guide is intended to serve as a quick reference for families who have children at Ginnings Elementary. Additional information can be found in the DISD Student Code of Conduct and the DISD Student and Parent Handbook. Both can be found at:
Children are required to attend every school day and be in their seats ready to learn at 7:40. Students arriving to their classroom between 7:40am and 7:55am will be marked Tardy. Students arriving after 7:55am or leaving before 2:45pm will receive a L.O.S.I.T.
Tardies, L.O.S.I.Ts, Unverified Absences, and Unexcused Absences are negative attendance marks and will have the following consequences: 3 = Warning Letter, 5 = Attendance Contract, 10 = Court Appearance. To help avoid these consequences, please send an e-mail to with your child’s name, your name, and the reason for their absence within 72 hours of each absence. If you do not have access to e-mail, please deliver a written note directly to the Receptionist, Amelia Ibarra. Please do not give notes to the teacher, they must come directly to the office. For additional attendance information, please visit the website at
Arrival and Dismissal
The school opens at 7:10 am, and students should not arrive before 7:10. Breakfast will be served beginning at 7:10. All students not eating breakfast will wait in the gym. Students go to class at 7:30 to be prepared to learn when the tardy bell rings at 7:40. Any students arriving after 7:30 who needs breakfast will be given a sack breakfast to take to the classroom.
When dropping off or picking up students in the carpool line, please be sure to pull all the way forward in order to keep traffic moving.
School dismisses at 3:00. Compliance with the dismissal time is expected and students will not be called out of the instructional setting prior to 3:00 on a regular basis. Anyone arriving to pick up students after 2:40 will be asked to wait until the regularly scheduled dismissal at 3:00. The back parking lot (Stuart Rd.) is reserved for daycare and buses. Carpool drop off and pick up will be in the front circle lot.
When you pull forward, we will load your students into your car at the front of the line. Be sure to have your car tag! NO student will be put in the car without a car tag. Each family will be given two car tags. If you are sending someone different to pick up your child(ren), it is your responsibility to be sure they have a car tag. Otherwise the person will have to enter the front office, show ID, and be approved by the office staff by communicating with the parents.
Change of Dismissal
For any changes in dismissal, the parent/guardian must call the office BEFORE 2:40. (Please do not send emails, as it is possible they may not be seen in time). The receptionist makes a note of all changes. ALL notes go to classrooms at 2:40. Any changes in dismissal or early pick-ups cannot be accommodated after 2:40.
Ginnings Quick Reference for Parents
Breakfast will be served everyday beginning at 7:10. Lunch times vary by grade level and will be communicated with parents by the classroom teacher. Lunch is $2.75 and Breakfast is $1.10. Money may be added to the student account by cash or check in the cafeteria, or through the website. Students who do not have money on their account will receive a sandwich and milk for lunch. Applications for Free and Reduced Federal Lunch Program may be obtained in the office or on the child nutrition webpage, available at
We expect 100% of families participate in Parent/Teacher Conferences at least one time in the first semester. They can be scheduled with your child’s teacher at a time that is mutually agreeable. Additional conferences may be scheduled at any time by the parent, or teacher.
Emergency Drills
Ginnings Elementary will follow the DISD Guidelines found in the district Emergency Management Plan which requires regular drills for student safety including fire drills, bad weather drills, lockdown drills, and other campus safety drills. For additional information about drill guidelines, contact Mr. Higginbotham, Assistant Principal, in the school office.
All medications administered at school by school personnel must be accompanied by a doctor’s order including all prescription and over-the-counter medicines. If you have questions about medication, please contact our school nurse, Shannon Meador.
Prior to any food and/or latex product being included in a school party, the classroom teacher must give approval due to a variety of food and/or latex allergies in the school building. There will be three classroom parties during the year: Winter Holiday, Valentine’s Day, and the end of the year. Classroom parties are under the direction of the classroom teachers.
Also, we welcome you to celebrate your child’s birthday! You may come at the last 10 minutes of your child’s lunch time to pass treats. OR you may come the last 10 minutes of the instructional day with permission from the classroom teacher in advance. Reminder: All treats (in class OR in the cafeteria) must be approved by the teacher or nurse due to food/latex allergies. If you are not able attend personally, you may communicate with the teacher regarding any treats sent from home.
Volunteers and PTA
Ginnings PTA is an asset to our campus and provides services and support to students, parents, and staff. We encourage each family to become members of this organization. Parents are encouraged to watch for all announcements and to support all PTA projects sponsored during the year. Furthermore, we invite you to volunteer on campus, or with the PTA. All parents who work in a classroom, volunteer for class parties, or attend field trips must complete the required “Background Check” form, available on the Denton ISD website:
All visitors must enter through the front doors, sign in, and obtain a Visitor Badge before going to other areas of the school. Lunch, classroom parties, field trips, etc. may be attended by a child’s parent or guardian. Non-parent/guardian visitors that wish to attend these events must provide written permission from the parent(s)/ guardian in advance of the visit. Visitors will NOT be allowed on campus on state testing dates which are as follows for the 19-20 school year: April 7-8 and May 11-13.