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Welcome to the Sparks Campus Website. We serve students who have experienced behavioral and/or legal issues while enrolled at their home campus. It is our goal to challenge each student and, to ensure that they receive the best education possible. Students assigned to our campus will be treated with dignity and respect and will be expected to follow strict guidelines in a positive, nurturing environment. The classes at Sparks Campus are led by multi-certified Denton ISD teachers who follow state guidelines and recommended district curriculum. Students are provided grades and credits based on that student's academic performance. This information is provided to parents and students at the time of release and to home school districts. Students are sometimes able to complete work in progress from their home campus. This is evaluated on a student by student basis.


Thank you for visiting our site. We will do our best to provide our students with educational experiences and additional services for them to be successful both socially and academically upon returning to their home campuses.




Paul Martinez

Principal, Joe Dale Sparks Campus