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High School Hybrid Schedule Ends, Face-to-Face learners return Monday, Oct. 26

Beginning Monday, Oct. 26, Denton ISD high school students who selected face-to-face instruction will return to campus on the traditional A/B schedule. October 26 is a “B” day on the calendar. All health and safety protocols will remain in effect.

Families who selected the ConnectedLearning option for their high school student will not be affected and will continue to learn remotely on the A/B schedule. Middle and elementary campus schedules will not be affected.

“Our primary responsibility is to ensure that students are learning, and we know that students, staff and parents are doing all they can right now and we need to give them some help,” said Dr. Jamie Wilson, superintendent of schools. “We have so many variables that are hindering our students’ success; we just need to bring them back to campus safely and more consistently.”

October 26 is the beginning of the second nine-week grading period, and the Texas Education Agency dictates that during the pandemic, families can switch their method of instruction at the end of each grading period.

“We know that the very best instruction occurs face-to-face,” said Dr. Jamie Wilson. “We are already experiencing success at the middle school level, and by bringing high school students back to campus our teachers can be more focused on daily learning; reducing obstacles and logistics.”

If your student is a ConnectedLearner and you wish to switch them to face-to-face Instruction,  please complete the form at this link.

The deadline for families to opt into face-to-face learning for the second nine-week grading period has been extended to Tuesday, Oct. 20.

Families may opt into ConnectedLearning at any time during the school year by completing the ConnectedLearning Commitment form located at the link above.

If your student is currently learning face-to-face and you wish for them to continue, parents do not need to complete any form.

“We have this window of opportunity to help students make progress and continue to earn credit on time,” said Dr. Jim Alexander, trustee, at a Board of Trustees Meeting in October.

For more information or specific questions related to your family’s needs, please contact your student’s campus directly.