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Navo MS Traffic Flow for Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Video of Traffic Pattern: Click Here
See Traffic Pattern Map below 
Note from Principal Kelly:  

If you are dropping off or picking up your student, we ask that you adhere to our established traffic pattern. Pull into the second, or northernmost, entrance and make the loop. This allows for a longer access drive and keeps foot traffic separate from our bus traffic. There will not be any access through the front drive which is a suggestion from local law enforcement because it allows for immediate access should we have an emergency during peak traffic hours. Navo Middle Traffic Flow Map 2017.jpg 

Students may NOT be dropped off on Navo Road. Blocking the lane is dangerous, causes a backup and creates a delay for everyone. Our school resource office will be on hand to make sure flow continues and may ticket anyone illegally parked should a problem arise.


Please keep in mind, traffic around schools is always difficult for the first week because families haven’t established a routine or set time to leave for school. Know that we will be monitoring it, and might adjust after a few days. 

traffic pattern