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Trustees Approve Resolution for Additional Leave Due to COVID-19

During their regular Tuesday, Aug. 24 meeting, the Denton ISD Board of School Trustees approved a resolution regarding additional leave for COVID-19 illness for all employees and staff.    

The resolution allows employees to use up to 80 hours or 10 additional local leave (sick) days for their own test-confirmed COVID-19 illness. The first day of paid leave will be the date of your first absence due to the onset of COVID-19 related symptoms. All employees will be required to provide documentation of a confirmed positive COVID-19 test through the district's COVID leave form. You must log in using your district email ( and password to access the form. 

“We don’t want any of our staff members who may have already used all of their leave for whatever the reason may be, to decide on quarantining due to COVID-19 exposure based on their lack of available leave time,” said Dr. Jamie Wilson, superintendent of schools.  “We support our employees when they have to take leave. Also, it is important to note the effect on funding when our employees take leave days is minimal because we have to pay for substitutes any time there is an absence in the classroom regardless of if it’s coded as leave or not. This decision is about doing what’s right for our staff.”

The approval protects employees during the pandemic by limiting the number of sick individuals reporting to work which will hopefully diminish the spread of COVID-19 and the worry of employees regarding their excessive absenteeism.

“We’ve been talking about the impacts of the COVID-19 virus on our staff throughout this past year as it relates to mental health and other health-related issues,” said Doug Chadwick, board president. “This is one small step we can take to help support our staff during this ongoing pandemic.”