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Table To Trunk Meal Service Begins Monday, April 6

Table To Trunk logo Beginning Monday, April 6, the Denton ISD Child Nutrition Department staff will expand meal delivery to 18 locations to feed our students, allowing us to further focus on the safety of our team members and the community.

In addition to the changes taking effect on April 6, bus delivery of meals is being placed on hold, and the district will no longer be utilizing community volunteers to assist with meal service.

When visiting one of our 18 campuses, families will be asked to remain in their vehicles and indicate the number of students to be served. Staff members will place the requested number of meals in the trunk, eliminating any person-to-person contact.

Moving forward, our staff is working to bundle multiple meals, food for several days, in an effort to honor the precautionary “Stay-at-Home” order.

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