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DPSF Impacts Classrooms with $133,118 in Grants to Teachers, Staff

The Denton Public School Foundation, in partnership with the district, local businesses, and community leaders, awarded $133,118 in scholarships and classroom grants to 163 Denton ISD teachers and staff members across 38 campuses.

“We look forward to this day every year when the Foundation recognizes so many outstanding and innovative teachers and staff members who impact and inspire our students every day,” said Jacqueline Jackson, Executive Director Denton Public School Foundation. “This is only possible through the generosity of our community and its commitment to public education.”

There are always several submissions each year that are attention grabbers to those who selected the winners, following an anonymous selection process. This year’s class is no different. At Braswell High School, the team of Anna Siebert, Leleand Dean, Ivey Fisher, Alexander Kown, and Adrian Washburn are “Taking Chemistry to a New Level” with their Collaborative Grant. 

Funds will purchase necessary supplies allowing students to observe much more advanced chemical reactions fully from beginning to end. Although the supplies are intended for AP and Honors Chemistry courses, much of the necessary equipment will be shared across the entire science department at Braswell High School. 

At Guyer High School, Shelby Fraser and Stephanie Taylor Whitlow were funded for their collaborative grant called “Biology Lock Out” designed to provide teachers with a fun, and creative way to get students engaged and motivated to learn biology. 

Students will be given a set of boxes with multiple different types of locks, and they then will be given clues and riddles using their curriculum to unlock each lock on their boxes. If a group of students can solve all the curriculum-based puzzles, they will be able to fully unlock the box and win the prize inside. This game places a high value on the use of critical thinking skills to compete while having some fun learning biology curriculum.

James Dodd, Desiree Duran, and Paul Yarbrough from the LaGrone Academy came up with an engineering project called “Sharks with Freakin’ Laser Beams” designed for junior and senior engineering students. 

Anyone who has spent time in an engineering class knows that there are often design projects that require custom-made parts. With this grant, they will purchase a 3-D printer that includes a laser cutter/engraver with a larger print and the ability to feed materials through it for greater versatility when designing and creating parts for various student designs and prototypes.

For more information on the Denton Public School Foundation or an individual grant or scholarship, please contact Jackie Jackson, executive director, at (940) 369-0064 or by email at

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