Working together for a better tomorrow

Posted by Office of the Superintendent on 8/29/2018

Bill Giese, 90, is a wonderful man who in his own words, “Lived a humble life in service of others.” Earlier this month we had the honor and privilege to dedicate the Denton ISD Professional Support Services Building in honor of him and his service on numerous community committees and boards.


During the dedication ceremony, I was reminded once again the contributions of many lifelong residents not only to our school district but also to our greater Denton community.


“While this organization is formally known as an Independent School District, it really should be an Interdependent School district,” said Dr. Giese. “Appropriately educating ALL students really takes us all – we depend on one another.”


The ‘nods’ in the audience included individuals such as Dorothy Atkins, Catherine Bell, Dr. Rudy Rodriguez, Rosemary Rodriguez, Dr. Curtis Ramsey and Virginia Gallian who understand as fellow school namesakes what it takes to build a legacy of service in a growing community.


These pillars of our community lead by example, not just with their words but with their actions. Each of them worked tirelessly together to ensure our community rallied around public education for all students. The contribution from each of these individuals, though different in their impact, center around one theme--togetherness.


Dr. Giese reminded all of us what togetherness means, and that public education and public services are an investment and not an expense. Each of us benefits greatly from a thriving school system and an exceptional quality of life. His commitment to the children of our community has served as a beacon for his entire life. A beacon, I hope all of us can follow.


In addition, he holds a strong appreciation for individuals who step forward to run for elected office, regardless of the outcome. Serving our community as an elected official is no small task and it is a principle upon which our country was founded.


On Aug 15, we welcomed almost 29,711 students to our classrooms giving us 29,711 reasons for all of us to come together. Whether it’s through reading to students volunteering for a Field Day or employing a high schooler through the Mayor’s Summer Work Initiative, your engagement with our students is needed and appreciated.


We all have an opportunity during each election cycle to exercise our right to vote. It is not just an opportunity, it is an obligation. An obligation to choose representatives who show a willingness to work together and a commitment to public education.


As I reminded our administrators this summer, leaving students of poverty and diverse backgrounds behind is educational malpractice. I believe supporting candidates who support system that widened the divide is unconscionable. Join me in voting for individuals who are in touch with our community and our local values of togetherness.