Board Notes: July 26, 2022

Workshop Items

  • Child Nutrition Update
    • Chris Bomberger, Executive Director of Risk Management and Elizabeth Raftery, provided the board of trustees with an annual review of the Child Nutrition operation for their review and discussion. Mrs. Raftery provided the annual review of the Child Nutrition operation and requested an increase in pricing for full-pay students. Mr. Bomberger provided the Board with current status of USDA Waivers; review of total meals served; discussed options for increasing breakfast and lunch prices to offset the impacts of inflation and outlined the future growth within the Child Nutrition Department. On average the Nutrition department serves 18,000+ breakfast and lunch meals daily.
  •  Discussion of Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)
    • Dr. Wilson discussed the status of the 2022 Citizens’ Advisory Committee. This committee will provide facility, equipment and infrastructure recommendations to the Denton ISD Board of Trustees after analyzing a district-wide facilities assessment, enrollment projections, financial data, results of community surveys, and other data relevant to creating and maintaining learning environments that align with the District's mission, vision, and goals. 
  • District Safety and Security Update
    • Lt. David Mays and Dr. Jeff Russell provided the Board with a review of present District security procedures. TEA-mandated topics covered included: conducting summer targeted safety audits, exterior door safety audits, ensuring training for all staff on campus safety procedures, scheduling mandatory drills and scheduling mandatory safety and security committee reviews.
  • Discussion of TASB Policy EFA (LOCAL) Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials, EFB (LOCAL) Instructional Resources/Library Media Programs, and the Deletion of EF (LOCAL) Instructional Resources
    • TASB Policy Services has recommended adopting an updated “Instructional Materials” policy section. The current EF(LOCAL): Instructional Resources policy will be deleted upon final approval of EFA(LOCAL): Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials and EFB(LOCAL): Instructional Resources/Library Materials. Deron Robinson, Denton ISD general counsel,  provided an overview of the policy changes recommended for consideration. Denton ISD Library Services has 672,500 books and eResources. In the 3 years ending May 31, 2022, the District had received 1 book challenge at a rate of approximately .00003 per student, or, .000001 when compared to the number of resources available to our students. In June the District received 49 challenges, 3 of which had been read by the community member filing the challenge. In the context of library challenges, two values are at the core of our approach:
      • Parental rights
      • 1st Amendment Compliance
    • School libraries serve as a repository for voluntary inquiry for students. Any parent has the right and ability to opt their own student from having access to any instructional materials by notifying their campus administration librarian. A challenge for removal from District libraries removes that right from parents and implicates a student’s 1st Amendment free speech rights. A student is allowed to self-select library materials as part of literacy development and the library program. District staff may assist a student in selecting library material; however, the ultimate determination of appropriateness remains with the student and parent. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the campus librarian and their child’s teacher about special considerations regarding library materials self-selected by their student. In accordance with state law and administrative regulations, parents may select alternative library materials for their student.
  • District of TASB Board of Directors Endorsement
    • From July 3 to August 29, 2022, active school board members may endorse a nominated individual from their TASB Region who has complied with the requirements for nominations from their local boards. If at least 25 percent and less than a majority of the Active members from the nominated individual’s TASB Region endorse the same individual, that individual will be included on the official ballot. If a majority of the Active members in a TASB Region endorse the same nominated individual, that individual will be elected to the TASB Board and will take office after the final session of the convention in the year elected.

Report Items

  • Technology Division Update
    • Robert Pierce, executive director of technology, updated the Board of Trustees on the formal departments of the newly reorganized Technology Division and their daily impact on District operations.
    • This reorganization aims to present the heads of the five departments that make up the Technology Division as a division reorganization completed on July 1, 2022: Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), Integration, Network Infrastructure, Systems Infrastructure, and Technology Services. Additionally, each department head will briefly present a summary of recent, significant activity of each team within their respective departments. This report highlighted the operations of the Division so that the Board of Trustees is fully informed, especially as technology progressively becomes more pervasive in every aspect of District operations and has a significant impact on the other divisions that Technology supports.
  • Professional Staff Appointments, Resignations and Employment
    • To expedite the hiring of personnel during the Spring and Summer the Board of Trustees gave Dr. Wilson the authority to hire any contractual personnel including classroom teachers and administrators. The Board was provided a list of those approved transactions.