Board Notes: August 23, 2022

Workshop Items/New Business

  • Budget Discussion
    • Jennifer Stewart, Executive Director of Budget presented information regarding the District’s Chapter 49 designation. House Bill 3 made changes to what was formerly known at Chapter 41 designations which was based on prior year final property values as well as equalized wealth levels (wealth per WADA). In 2019 after House Bill 3 the designation became Chapter 49 and determination is based on current year property values (2021 Certified values increased by 4.36%) as well as local revenue in excess of entitlement. There are several options a district can choose if they are designated a Chapter 49 district such as consolidate with another district, detachment of territory, education of nonresident students, tax base consolidation with another district or purchase average daily attendance credit. Denton ISD has chosen the option to purchase average daily attendance credit agreement. Once TEA has received the agreement then the Denton ISD can set the tax rate.
  • Discussion of District and Campus 2022 Accountability Ratings
    • Discussion of District and Campus 2022 Accountability Ratings Dr. Mike Mattingly, Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction presented the TEA Accountability grades for the District. There are three domains’ campuses are graded on.
      • Domain 1 – Student Achievement on the STAAR performance, College, Career, Military Ready and graduation rate for high schools
      • Domain 2 – School Progress/Academic Growth
        • Part A-this measures assessment growth of individual student from last year to this year, reading and math only.
        • Part B – evaluates overall STAAR performance compared to campuses with similar economically disadvantage %
      • Domain 3-Closing the Gaps-Disaggregates 14 student groups, each have Performance Targets
        • Academic Achievement (EL, MS HS)
        • Meets Grade Level & Above
        • STAAR Growth or Grad Rate
        • School Quality or Student Success
    • Dr. Mattingly stated the following plan for the 22-23 school year:
    • Primary focus for improvement will be mathematics
    • Campus Leadership will work in tandem with Division of Curriculum and Instruction and Division of Academic Program to identify solutions and activities for school improvement
    • Formative Assessments will be used to identify areas needed for growth for individual students
    • Use PLC opportunities for teacher collaboration and lesson study
    • ontinue to modify the use of HB4545 extra time for targeted instruction/tutoring/intervention
    • Instructional Coaches will be used with intentional purpose

Report Items

  • Quarterly Growth Report, 2nd Quarter 2022
    • Bob Templeton, with Zonda Education presented the second quarter growth report for Denton ISD. Mortgage rates since January 2022 are up 66% with base home prices up 7%. In January monthly payment at a 3.5% Interest rate for a home price of $343,221 would be $1,905. In June monthly payment at a 5.8% Interest rate for a home price of $365,700 would be $2,434. Monthly new home sales contracts dropped by 29% in June. The district has 67 actively building subdivisions.  Within DISD there are 38 future subdivisions.  There are currently 2,513 multi-family units under construction in the district. Within Denton ISD there are roughly 6,970 future multi-family units in the planning stages. The 2022/23 enrollment is in position to exceed 33,000 students. Interest rate hikes are starting to impact sales and multi-family will play a larger role with enrollment growth.
  • 2022-2023 Enrollment Update
    • Susannah O’Bara, Asst. Superintendent for Academic Programs reviewed the current enrollment numbers as of today (9th day of school) The District has enrollment of 32,254 with a pending of 323 students in eSchoolPlus which would bring total enrollment of 32,577.

Other Items of Note

  • Recognition of TCDA All-State Honor Choir student, Hannah Thomas