Board Notes: October 11, 2022

BOARD NOTES – Oct. 11, 2022

Workshop Items

Discussion of Elementary and Secondary Campus Improvement Plans for 2022-2023
Principals from across the district shared their Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) which is based on the guiding principles and goals set by the Board of School Trustees. The Board’s Goals are publicly available here

Each campus has a Campus Leadership Team that completes a campus comprehensive needs assessment. The purpose of this meeting was  to share each Campus Improvement Plan with the board to show how our goals and action steps are aligned to board goals, district goals, and campus goals.

The plans are a working, living document that provide each camp a pathway for student success. This report will show each campus goal (s), action steps to reach that goal, any financial implications, persons responsible, and a timeline for achieving the goal. The CIP’s highlight the great work our district is doing to support student achievement, student engagement, and social/emotional learning.

Denton ISD split its 43 campuses into four vertical zones for the 2022-2023 school year. These zones include:

Vertical Zone I: Braswell High, Navo, Rodriguez, Sparks, Davis School, Bell, Cross Oaks, Paloma Creek, Providence,  Savannah, Sandbrock Ranch and Union Park
Vertical Zone II: Denton High, Calhoun, McMath, Borman, Evers Park, Houston, Lee, Newton Rayzor, W.S. Ryan, Gonzalez  and Windle
Vertical Zone III: Guyer High, Crownover, Harpool, K-8 Virtual Academy, Blanton, E.P. Rayzor, Hawk, McNair, Nelson and Adkins
Vertical Zone IV: Ryan High,The LaGrone Academy, Fred Moore High, Strickland, Myers, Ginnings, Hodge, Pecan Creek, Rivera, Stephens and Wilson

“When discussing the guided outcomes of reading on grade level by the 3rd grade, progress monitoring is critical and something that we are systematically doing across all campuses in Denton ISD,” said Robin Brownell, Hawk Elementary principal. “It is grounded in our professional learning communities (PLC) that collaboration and communication that we have in our PLCs is how we’re able to successfully monitor the progress of students.”

"As a district, our elementary campuses are being very intentional in how we approach intervention for our students,” said Marvyn White, Rivera Elementary principal. “First, let us thank you for our calendars. Our teachers have been so grateful to be able to have those days to plan and collaborate with their teams. Each of our campuses has utilized these days to analyze student assessment data, look at the progress monitoring, common formative assessments, and our MTSS systems to implement tutorials and intervention plans into our daily schedules.”

“Our eighth-grade teachers know that not only is their job to work really hard at getting our eighth grade students on-level in the eighth grade but also looking at what deficits do they have that are going to be a hindrance to them in algebra one,” Colleen Grindle, Harpool Middle School principal.

Other Items of Note

Huffines Subaru as this month’s Community Spotlight

Drake Lawson, Harpool MS teacher is this month’s Board Spotlight as the 2022 NOVA Winner