Board Notes: May 16, 2023

Presentations and Recognitions

Denton ISD’s Board of School Trustees recognized several groups and individuals at Tuesday night’s meeting, including Ryan High School freshman Sophiya Islam. Sophiya was named to the World Affairs Council’s (WAC) prestigious “20 Under 20” class – an honor recognizing 20 exceptional high school students under the age of 20 who are active in their local Junior World Affairs Council (JWAC).

Twenty under 20 spotlights young people in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex who consistently give back to their communities and exemplify what it means to be a global citizen. The WAC’s 20 Under 20 list was established in 2016 as part of the Global Young Leaders Program. The WAC’s mission is to educate and engage the community in local, national and global affairs. 

Sophiya was honored at a celebration on May 10 at the Gene A. Buniger Career and Technical Education Academy in Bedford, along with the 19 other members in this year’s class, for her award. 

Recognition for Foster Grandparents

Each year, the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) honors businesses and organizations for their support and exceptional advocacy of public schools. This statewide honor, as part of “Stand Up for Texas Public Schools,” recognizes local businesses and community organizations that partner with school districts, making a difference in the lives of public school students.

Since its inception in 1965, Americorps Seniors and the Foster Grandparents program has been instrumental in mentoring students across Denton. Through our partnership with them, Americorps Seniors’ Foster Grandparents have been able to come into classrooms at multiple campuses across the district, making an impact while helping our students learn and grow. 

This program has become a staple across Denton ISD, as our students and teachers alike share a special bond and connection with these selfless individuals. 

For their continued support and the unique way they assist our district, students and staff, we wish to thank Americorps Seniors’ Foster Grandparents for their continued partnership. 


Workshop Items

Discussion of Property/Casualty Insurance

Denton ISD Executive Director of Risk Management Chris Bomberger gave an update on the district’s property/casualty insurance. Mr. Bomberger discussed current market conditions and their impact on insurance coverage. He also addressed the district’s insurance needs and coverage options. Mr. Bomberger noted a combined 19.53 percent increase in the total cost of premiums (property, school liability, auto liability, etc.) for 2023-2024 compared to 2022-2023. Mr. Bomberger also discussed liability for auto, as well as worker’s compensation in his presentation. 

Discussion of 2023-2024 Budget 

Denton ISD Executive Director of Budget Jennifer Stewart gave an update on the 2023-2024 budget, including the average daily attendance, revenue and expenditures. Ms. Stewart also provided a legislative update. In her presentation, Ms. Stewart noted the enrollment and average daily attendance for the fifth six weeks and the school year. Additionally, Ms. Stewart highlighted a $19.6 million decrease in state funding, which represents a 29.4 percent decrease. Ms. Stewart also gave Trustees an update on preliminary property values for this year, which represents an initial 35.49 percent increase. 

Legislative Updates for the 88th Legislative Session 

Denton ISD General Counsel Deron Robinson gave an update on the 88th Legislative Session. As of May 16, 8,345 bills have been filed and 1,294 were education bills. 


Report Items

Bond Progress Report

Community volunteer Kathy Lawson gave Trustees an update on the progress of the 2018 bond referendum. 

Growth Report 

Bob Templeton from Zonda provided Trustees with a quarterly growth report for the first quarter of 2023. Mr. Templeton noted various economic indicators, residential activity within the district, projected enrollment and its impact on the overall growth of Denton ISD. Denton ISD’s enrollment has increased by more than 3,100 students since 2017-18. The district has 65 actively building subdivisions with over 4,360 lots available to build on. Denton ISD has 31 future subdivisions with more than 25,500 lots in the planning stages. Groundwork is underway on more than 2,760 lots within 10 subdivisions. Denton ISD is forecasted to enroll nearly 36,640 students by 2027-28 and more than 42,460 by 2032-33. 

Construction Report 

Denton ISD’s Executive Director of Construction Planning and Growth Brandon Boyter gave Trustees a report on various construction projects throughout the district. Active construction projects include Calhoun Middle School’s replacement campus, Newton Rayzor Elementary’s replacement campus, Cheek Middle School, LaGrone Academy additions/renovations and the Transportation East Facility. Construction for Cheek and LaGrone are expected to be finished in Summer 2023, while the Transportation East Facility is expected to be completed in the coming weeks. Both Calhoun Middle School and Newton Rayzor Elementary construction is forecasted to be finished in Summer 2024. 

Early Childhood Update

Denton ISD Director of Early Childhood Cecilia Holt provided Trustees with information regarding the Early Childhood Education department for the 2023-2024. Ms. Holt noted 2022-2023 had the largest increase in total enrollment dating over the past seven years. She also highlighted growth across every Early Childhood Education program in the district. For the 2023-2024 school year, there are 641 new 4-year-olds registered. There are 825 total new students who have applied. Over the next five years, Denton ISD’s Pre-K program is expected to grow, with the potential to serve roughly 2,400 3 and 4-year olds. 

Intruder Detection Audit Report Update

Denton ISD Superintendent Dr. Jamie Wilson provided an update to the recent Intruder Detection Audits conducted by the Texas School Safety Center. Further detail was provided to the board in executive session for the purpose of safety and security