Violence in the News Again

Posted by Rene Shelton on 10/3/2017 10:00:00 AM

The news this weekend has been tragic and it is difficult to watch.  It seems that every news outlet has been trying to make sense of the event.  Often this means running the same scenes over and over again.  The repetition makes it difficult for parents to keep up with the events without creating anxiety and fear in the children in their own home. 


Here is information that you might find helpful:


From: >> Talking with Kids about News.  This page has several links to excellent information about how to talk and listen to your child's concerns, an age-by-age insight with tips, how to respond if your child's play begins to reflect violence in the news, and tips on getting conversations started about difficult topics in the news.

Talking with Kids about the News


This PDF document helps you address questions from children and teens, like:  What happened?  Whose fault is it?  Is this going to change my life?  As well as questions you, as the parent might have, like:  Will talking about it make it worse?  What if talking upsets them more?  How can I tell if my kids need more than I can give? 

Talking to your child about violence


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