How do I talk to my kids about Vaping?

Posted by Rebekah De Peo-Christner on 9/26/2019 4:00:00 PM

You can't turn on the news anymore without hearing about the ever growing trend of vaping. Nearly 1 in every 9 high school students are vaping daily, and the number of middle schoolers using electronic cigarettes is steadily increasing. There is mounting evidence supporting the serious health concerns caused by e-cigarette use. As parents we can feel helpless and confused on how to protect our children from this growing phenomenon. Fortunately, there are some reputable resources that can help.  

Partnership for Drug Free Kids has a great article that will help educate you on vaping as well as help guide you through how to speak to your teen regarding the dangers of electronic cigarettes. To read more go to:

If your teen has already tried vaping the website Smokefree is a great tool to help you and your teen work towards quitting. The site can be found at: Like any addiction, quitting can be difficult, so it is important to arm yourself with resources and strategies to help your teen be successful.