Transfer Information

    Transfer Applications Are Currently CLOSED.
    Transfer Applications for the 2021 - 2022 School
    Year  will be open March 15, 2021 through April 2, 2021.  Parents who desire for their child to attend a Denton ISD campus OTHER THAN THE SCHOOL ZONED FOR THEIR CURRENT RESIDENCE may apply for a transfer at this time.
    Please move forward with your child's registration and scheduling process at the school zoned for your current residence.  If your transfer is approved, this information will easily transfer over to the receiving school. 
    If you have any questions, please click on one of the emails below. for Elementary for Secondary Questions



    Please note that campus capacity may vary by grade level.


    Due to pending enrollment numbers, all Kindergarten transfer requests will be "Wait-listed" until enrollment numbers stabilize.  Parents are required to complete the application and to enroll their child at their home campus until a transfer decision is processed and communicated to you in August (this could possibly be after the first day of school).  Because a vast majority of the information communicated is aligned, please allow your child to participate in Meet the Teacher Night and attend activities at the campus zoned for the primary residence of the parent or legal guardian.


    When reviewing petitions for student transfers, the district will consider each request on an individual basis; however, the regulations below are in place to ensure consistency in our process.  The transfer petitions will be considered by the Board’s designee during the specified window each year. If the designee denies the transfer request, the parent may file an appeal to the Superintendent’s designee during the open appeal window (Secondary only). 


    A transfer request is a privilege.  An approved transfer to a specific elementary school does not guarantee approval to a specific middle school, just as a transfer approval to a specific middle school does not guarantee approval to a specific high school.


    If You Live INSIDE The Denton ISD, CLICK HERE To Complete The Intra-District Application.

    If You Live OUTSIDE The Denton ISD, CLICK HERE To Complete The Inter-District Application.