Enrollment Criteria

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    In order for students to be enrolled in the Denton ISD Virtual Academy, they must meet all of the following enrollment criteria.

    Student must:

    • Demonstrate grade-level proficiency from the preceding school year.
      • K-3rd Grade: Students must demonstrate grade-level proficiency in Math and Reading. 
      • 4th-8th Grade: Students must have passed the STAAR test in all tested subjects from the preceding school year.
        • If the student was not previously enrolled in a school where the STAAR test was required, an assessment will be given prior to enrollment where the student must demonstrate grade-level proficiency.
    • Have had a number of truant absences that is 10 percent or fewer out of all instructional days from the preceding school year. 
    • Have earned a grade of C or higher in the foundation curriculum courses taken the preceding school year.
    • Maintain a grade C or higher in all classes for the current school year. 
    • Have had less than 10 truant absences over a six-month period of time from the current school year. 

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Enrollment Steps

  • Thank you for your interest in the Denton ISD Virtual Academy. You can reference the enrollment steps below. The application is open. However, most grade levels are at or near capacity. Should your student met enrollment criteria for a grade level that is at capacity, they will be placed on the waiting list. Please allow up to two weeks for the enrollment process to be completed. If you have any questions regarding the enrollment process or need more information, please visit our FAQs or call us at 940-369-0345.

    If you are interested in learning more about the Denton ISD Virtual Academy, please attend one of our upcoming virtual information meetings. Click this survey to pick a date and sign up. 

  • Step 1: Complete the Application

  • Step 2: Complete a grade level proficiency assessment, if needed.

  • Step 3: Complete enrollment with Denton ISD

  • Step 4: The campus will share information regarding orientation events